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Are you aware that Export Import business is based on following rules and regulations? 

(a) Transactions under LC (Letter of credits) are based on rules and regulations by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Documentary Letter of Credits (UCPDC-600) & ICC ISBP (International Standard Banking Practice) 

(b) Transactions documents under collection basis are based on rules and regulations based on ICC Collection (URC522)

(c) Shipping terms are governed by ICC INCOTERMS ® 2020 

(d) Bank to Bank Reimbursement of payment is governed by ICC Reimbursement [URR 725]

(e) Bank Guarantees are governed by ICC-758 URDG/URPG 

(f) International Trade and contracts governed by ICC Guide to Export-Import, ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds

(g) International Trade dispute: ICC Arbitration Rules Conference Proceedings 

(h) Shipments by sea are governed by International Chamber of Shipping

(i) Payments and receipts are governed by FEMA

(j) Forward Contracts and other bank rules are governed by FEDAI. (FOREIGN EXCHANGE DEALERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA) 

(k) ECGC and Insurance companies are governed by IRDA 

There are many more like Full Corporate Offer (FCO), Letter of Intent (LOI), Analysis and Inspection Reports, Master Fee Protection Agreement (MFPA) , Draft Contracts, Non circumvent and Non Disclosure Agreement (NCND) etc. 

Are you aware where to contact in case of non-payment by the buyer?

How to handle Export Documentation and discrepant documents?


This entire process requires attention and should be handled by a matter expert. Not paying attention to these may result in your investment in export import at significant risk. To avoid so, we recommend you appoint an Export Consultant or Import Consultant as suitable to safe guard your transactions.

We have expert Export Consultants and Import Consultants who can provide Consultancy Services in above subjects.

Kindly have a look at our Consultancy Services for details. To get in touch with us, please visit our Contact page.

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